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Welcome to the Bird Brothers Philanthropic Trading Company Inc.

We import handcrafted fair trade items from S.E. Asia. With 100% of the profits from each sale going back to a charity from the country where each product is from.

We have bracelets/jewelry made from bomb casings dropped on Laos during the Vietnam war. This is tied to COPE Laos which provides prosthetic limbs and rehab to over 300 persons a year who are currently injured by UXO’s. For handcrafted hill tribe beaded jewelry from Laos, proceeds go to support indigenous artists and thru local NGO Big Brother Mouse which provides books to children and adults in remote rural villages throughout Laos.

Clothing imported from Indonesia & Thailand supports orphanages & medical clinics in Bali, Thailand & Cambodia, as well as 23 scholarships for post secondary education in Bali, Laos & Cambodia.

With each product purchased you receive a flyer which tells the story of the item, the maker and where part of the proceeds are going.

It is a hobby business for us and in addition to raising funds for worthy charities we hope that by purchasing the products it will raise awareness of the various NGO’s we support. Most are pretty grass roots and we have a policy that the orphanages, schools or medical clinics we support respect the religious and cultural beliefs of those that are served.

We sell mainly at street markets during spring/summer around the province of British Columbia. At out tent we try to show some of the pictures of the projects, individuals we support with this enterprise.

In all we support 23 different charities in a total of 12 countries. Here are some of the websites of some of the charities we support:

Bali Kids
Green Gecko Project
Support Lao Children
KOTO – Know One, Teach One
Big Brother Mouse

Christopher Robins

Ken Freestone-Swallow

Bird Brothers Philanthropic Trading Company Inc.

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